Terms & Conditions

1. We accept payments online, using Pay Pal secure payment system and we accept most popular bank debit and credit cards.

2. It is not necessary you to have Pay Pal account so to be able to complete the payment. Please just read carefully the options on our Payment page. It is really easy. Just follow the steps.

3. If your payment is gone through successfully, you will receive shortly after that a telephone message or E-mail etc. with the reference number of the confirmed transaction. Please keep that reference number safely for future reference. We may need to see it as a proof of payment or in case you want to cancel the massage session. Failure to provide that proof of payment may cause a confusion or delay of your refund. As an alternative variant we still can use a bank-statement as a proof of payment but his is probably a little bit more complicated way.

4. Cancelation policy:
– If you like to cancel your massage session, please call us and inform us about your decision. You may also do it by sending us a text message on the telephone number shown on our Home page. It has to be done at least 48 hours in advance before the booked hour for your massage session. Then you will receive 100% refund of your money. We will try to do is as soon as possible. However sometimes there may be small delays in that transaction because of Bank holidays. Some banks or Pay Pal-transfers may take 3-5 working days. Also sometimes I may be out of UK on travel in the wilderness where I do not have my mobile or laptop with me, or there is no coverage. My promise to you is that I will do my best for you to receive back your money as soon as possible.
– If the cancelation is made in less than 48 hours before the booked hour for your massage session – then, sorry but whatever is the reason for your cancelation the money will not be refunded.We do not feel pleasure of applying this rule, but in the recent years we lost a lot of money (literally thousands of pounds) from people who booked and cancelled in the last moment or simply did not show up.
– We reserve the right to make a cancelation from our side (there may be some emergencies sometimes) – all the amount that you paid for booking your session will be refunded to you 100% as soon as possible.
– We reserve the right to cancel immediately your massage session and not to give you any refund of your money if it comes to the unpleasant event that you appear in our premises drunk, or after using recreational drugs, or are rude/violent to us.

Coming late:
– Please, be on time for the massage. The courtesy tolerance for a delay is just 10 minutes. After these 10 minutes pass and we still have not heard from you, we will try to call you. If we still can’t get in touch with you we will assume the massage session as “Cancelled/Not showing” and we will feel free to take other customer in your hour and as we explained in paragraph 4 above, your money will not be refunded. If you inform us in advance that you are just couple of minutes late – we can wait for you (for no more than 10 minutes in busy days). If you come slightly late and we are still free (no other customer taken) we will do the massage session for as long as it left from your booked hour. Example: If you book 1hour session but you come 20 minutes late and inform us in advance – there will be still 40 min remaining of your session, so we will give you a massage just 40 min. The money for the lost 20 min will still not be refundable.

Generally: To make it easy for all of us – please book and pay ONLY when you are sure in your schedule. Arranging refunds every day takes a lot of time and head ache.