Welcome to London Massage

LONDON MASSAGE is well established business for more than 15 years already. I am offering very nice relaxing time for people who want to escape from their stressful life for an hour or more. On the background of wonderful music like: Celtic, Enya, Clannad, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, Yanni and other new-age favourite albums you can make a journey back in time or to the future, journey to yourself.

If you want to feel like a prince or a queen – we can travel in the past with my music and my massage will indulge you exactly on the same way like the kings used to have it once upon a time. Or maybe we can move to the ancient Egypt, so you can feel like a Pharaoh…spoilt by the gentle hands of his servants-girls. Or if you are pretty much fed-up with this planet we can teleport ourselves on to another one. Or if I can’t get you there, I give you my guarantee that my massage will. My massage is a good thing (as my customers say), but the music that is running during the massage gives a relaxing time for your soul as well.

Before I started this business I worked as a paramedic/nurse in the Emergency Aid Department, in ambulance cars and also in the hospital. Here in UK I met many different people (during the massage hours) and I am very happy when they come to see me again. I have now a lot of new friends. We discussed a lot of things as well – about their very private problems, thoughts, dreams.

I do out-calls as well (visiting people to their house or a hotel room). I can be at your address within one hour after the booking is done. I will just need you to provide a land-line telephone number so to be able to check the address (it is for my own security). Just call me and try this amazing journey. Massage is a thing for everybody, not just for “the other people”. You work hard – you deserve it. Spoil yourself on a good way at least once in a monthand call me.